MSC Business College have steadily built a reputable name amongst employers through the work readiness and quality of our graduates. We do not educate for the mere sake of education. We educate with industry in mind, in order to give our students knowledge and skills which industry seeks – along with the attitude which companies appreciate. We believe that education that does not lead to the seamless ability to practically apply the skills in the workplace is of no use to either the person, the company he/she works for or for that matter the country.

Our people operate in a manner that we refer to as “The MSC Way” – warm, friendly people operating at the highest level, maximising each individual’s potential. Our programme content is always of the highest standard, without all the academic pretentiousness and stuffiness. We’re technology and innovatively driven while keeping things simple and understandable – especially for the end user – our valued student.

Through all of this we know that we are achieving our purpose – that of helping to build a stronger Southern Africa by providing industry with graduates that have experienced “The MSC Way”. Our hands-on learning model along with world class learning platforms ensure that graduates can add immediate value to industry and commence a successful career.


Blended Learning is an optimal system of education delivery that combines online or e-Learning with traditional classroom methods. Blended Learning improves performance, results and creates more confident students who communicate better. Most importantly, a Blended Learning approach creates graduates who adjust much easier into the workplace. Studies have also shown that Blended Learning has the power to increase information retention by rates of up to 60%, with 70% of students saying that they learn best in a blended environment.

 At MSC Business College, we take great care in ensuring that you are provided with the very best learning methods to optimise your performance and career, which is why Blended Learning is integrated into the MSC experience.



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