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MSC Business College student inspiring others while he studies

From humble beginnings in Springs to one of the upcoming young motivational speakers in South Africa, Innocent Ximba has spent much of the past two years reaching out to the community in order to influence, encourage and motivate youth. But the 19 year old MSC Business College Benoni student will agree that being successful is a tough road where numerous challenges need to be overcome.

InnocentBeing on of South Africa’s youngest motivational speakers at the age of 19, Innocent hosted his first leadership seminar and has toured over 15 schools, motivating learners from different backgrounds. He has been featured on media platforms such as the African Reporter newspaper, Benoni City Times newspaper, Daily Sun newspaper, Hola Mahigh School magazine, Drum Magazine, Ek-Fm , Mzansi Insider as well as Listen For A Moment (both shows are on SABC 1). He has also been on 331 Avenue and Feed Your Soul (Both shows are on One Gospel). He recently done a corporate talk at Old Mutual which was a big break in his career. He was recently nominated for the SA Men Of The Year award in the category of “Youth Developer”.

But it hasn’t always been easy for Innocent. For much of his youth his parents were unemployed. Only recently has his father been working as a petrol attendant nearby. With minimal resources he had to find a college that provided the quality he needed. “I left my previous college and went to MSC Business College because the price was reasonable, it offered quality, accredited programmes, and is a well-established name in SA” he said. “Studying marketing at MSC Business College has helped me take my talent and know how to better understand the business side to it in order to progress it. I also get to study in a vibrant environment here at the MSC Benoni campus that allowed me to understand people even more.”

Another challenge Innocent has had to face on and off over the last few years has been the battle against depression. “I suppose one of the reasons motivational speaking is so appealing to me is that it allows me to reach out and uplift those who are perhaps facing similar challenges to the ones I have had to encounter through my life. My depression is something that has become better as time has gone on, but I believe that it is something that is often misinterpreted or not recognised enough in youth. MSC Business College stands for Mind, Skill and Character – and here it is more than just about Mind and Skill. The environment has helped me overcome my own challenges.”

Being young in the motivational industry is often an additional problem to overcome. As Innocent states: “There are young people out there with enormous potential, sometime with the ability to change the world. The modern world is particularly conducive to young people leading the way, since young people are often more in tune with technology, social media and general trends. Older business people are often sceptical of young motivational speakers, yet often we have something new to say and a new energy.”

Innocent’s work doesn’t end there. He is also an entrepreneur having founded a clothing business named “Cool Christian Clothing®” which aims to spread God’s word through clothing. He is also the Founding Director of the fast-growing NPO called Innocent Ximba Foundation. “There’s massive potential in all of us to succeed in various different areas. I aim to give people the belief to do just that.”

Innocent is currently focused on his five year plan which he likes to call Vision2020. In the next five years Innocent hopes to graduate with a marketing diploma at MSC Business College while progressing to become the youngest professional global motivational speaker. He’d like to motivate different heads of state and host his very own talk show / current affairs show. Innocent also hopes to establish 9 branches of his stores in all provinces of South Africa.

MSC Business College is a brand within the MSC Education Holdings group, an established private tertiary education group encompassing business diplomas and certificates through MSC Business College and technical skills training through the MSC Artisan Academy. The group has been operating for 24 years and provides this quality education through 20 sites of delivery in South Africa. The MSC group aims to bridge the gap between education and industry through competency-based learning delivered through accessible, innovative, cost-effective technologies through a blended methodology approach as per needs and demands of industry.

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