MSC has implemented a highly innovative way of delivering lessons that ensure that all MSC trainees at all of the MSC Campuses receive a high quality education.  This has been made possible through the introduction of broadcast and virtual classes.  Our Subject Matter Experts, who are all blended learning specialists, use broadcasting and the virtual classroom as well as face to face contact to deliver the content.


Every class is facilitated by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and is broadcasted using an App that allows for the live streaming of the class which allows all of the campuses (or sites) to be able to see, hear and interact with each other during the class.  Further opportunities for interaction with the SME and class mates are created through the use of a virtual classroom.

Benefits of the MSC Broadcast and Virtual classes:

  • Uninterrupted, quality education – all trainees across all of the MSC Campuses receive the same high quality education.
  • Direct face-to-face contact with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) the classes are live and allow for trainees to actively participate in the class and ask questions or request clarity at any time throughout the class.
  • Interaction and collaboration with classmates from across the country Trainees will be able to interact with classmates from all the different campuses during the live broadcast classes as well as through the Virtual Classroom. This means that trainees are being exposed to different viewpoints, different ideas and different cultures.
  • Constant communication with SME and classmates through the virtual classroom By being part of the Virtual Classroom, trainees can ask questions, get feedback and provide input at any time, even when not in the broadcast class.
  • Maximum utilisation of innovative technology MSC makes use of new technologies to deliver these broadcast classes, as well as for many of the activities that take place. This exposure and interaction using technology will broaden their perspective of the world and what is possible.
  • Improved pass ratesSince the implementation of the broadcast classes, we have seen a 30% (average) increase in the pass rate, as well as the average marks.
  • SME’s – excellent quality of facilitator with relevant work experience.



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