The term blended learning and work readiness has become synonymous with education and training but in many instances these are words loosely used and not necessarily well implemented. MSC Business College has developed a unique form of blended and interactive learning known as: COLE (Career Orientation Learning Experience). This methodology combines a variety of blended techniques, the virtual classroom, and strong personal support; all conducted via innovative use of technology.

The Aim of the COLE Model
The aim of COLE is exactly what the name suggests, a career orientated learning experience.  Students are provided with a learning experience that will sufficiently prepare them for the workplace.  The collaborative nature of delivery places emphasis on the development of both skills and knowledge and aims to produce an excellent level of graduate that is sought after by employers.

MSC students gain more than just content knowledge.  The objective is to produce well rounded graduates who have a thorough knowledge of the course content coupled with an extra skillset, the critical soft skills sought by business. This will enable them to enter the workplace ready to embrace the challenges of a fast changing and demanding business environment. 

The Vision of the COLE Model
It is MSC’s vision that the unique methods employed in the COLE model will create:

  • An excellent level of graduate (job ready, creative thinkers, good work ethic etc.)
  • A distinct and unique approach that disrupts the industry
  • A viable alternative to university
  • Enhances the level of learning

In the ever changing, competitive environment that students are faced with, setting oneself apart from or ahead of the crowd is vital.  COLE prepares students with the necessary components required by the workplace in terms of Mind, Skill and Character (MSC).