The world has gone crazy and almost overnight life has changed for everyone. Some normality may return once the pandemic has passed but I do believe the way we do business will be irrevocably changed.

Education is no exception and the international lockdowns have seen education and training institutions of all types scrambling to convert to online teaching and training in order to keep the students engaged. There are many online solutions and there is the danger of transferring outdated teaching methods of dumping information onto students; directly onto the online portals in a lastditch resuscitation attempt . This type of learning is dull, boring and is based on pure knowledge retention. Skills and capabilities required by business such as critical thinking, communication, problem solving etc are all lost in the fray.

MSC Business College has moved into the lockdown seamlessly. Over the past few years the MSC Group has been disrupting education and training assisted by the sharing of best practice with their partner college in Germany. An exclusive innovative teaching methodology – the COLE (career orientated learning experience) has been established and implemented over the past few years. Subject Matter Experts broadcast live classes across the country using the unique COLE delivery methodology coupled with our customised electronic learning platform and creative use of the virtual classroom.

The lockdown has seen a reduction in live broadcasts due to student data challenges but the interactive delivery of content continues and the trainees are all on track to complete their first semester. Feedback from the students has been exceptional and they are so grateful to be able to continue their studies, unlike many of their peers whose education journey has flat-lined.

Some success indicators from MSC Business College based on the implementation of COLE have shown marked improvements in the confidence and essential skills of “trainees”; attendance figures rising to over 95% attendance and completion rates and a 20% increase in pass marks.

MSC was perfectly positioned to transition into the “new normal” relatively effortlessly. The lesson to learn if we all wish to remain current, relevant and not suffocated by outdated teaching methodologies; is that continuous innovation and creativity remains a priority as we all navigate into unknown territory.


  • May 2020


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